Emergency & Temporary Mobile Home Accommodation Somerset, Flooding and Fire

Following the terrible flooding in Somerset over the winter of 2013, we work with many insurance companies and loss adjusters in supplying temporary caravan accommodation to home owners and businesses in cases of flooding and fire.

With minimal notice we can supply a static caravan to be used as temporary accommodation or office on your own land until you are back in your home or business premises.

Our own in-house experienced engineers will carry out an initial site survey to asses the installation.

Then our experienced team will carry out delivery, siting and safety testing of the caravans, for added peace of mind, this includes connections to gas and water (subject to access to services). We are based in Somerset and are able to offer a great support service.

Speak to your Insurance Company or Loss Adjuster first as they will usually cover the cost of the hire.

You may need to check with your local authority to see if temporary planning permission is required. For further information about contacting your local authority view this link.