Lodges / Twin Units For Sale at Ian James Caravans

Lodge Twin Units For Sale: We also sell lodges / twin units at Ian James Caravans. At any one time we usually have at least one lodge / twin unit for sale at our showground here in Highbridge (correct from October 2017).

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Lodge Twin Units For Sale

Lodges / twin units are offer a spacious accommodation option with all of the comforts of home. They also make ideal offices / reception buildings.  Many are double glazed and centrally heated. Their extra width means that they are constructed in 2 halves which are fitted together on delivery. Many have large, open plan living and kitchen areas, multiple bathrooms and plenty of storage in the bedrooms (2, and 3 bedroom models available).  If you are looking for a lodge / twin unit building please call us – 01278 780565 or contact us online.

Lodge Twin Units For Sale at Ian James Caravans